Our Story

The idea for an agency, which provides the opportunity to compare and select the best possible insurance plan was born almost 10 years ago, when Elena, the founder of the company, was shopping for family insurance.

Feeling completely lost and frustrated in the process of obtaining quotes and educating herself she shared with her family that she wished that there was someone, knowledgeable and experienced in the field who can help her find the best fit for her family needs and budget.

Shortly after that, Elena decided to explore the field of an independent insurance agent and pursue the dream she had.

She knew that starting an insurance agency would not be easy, but she truly believed this would be a very rewarding endeavor.

Elena also recognized that there are a lot of people like her who would greatly benefit from the provided insurance services.

It is priceless to give the families the security they deserve and put a smile on their faces.

Our Approach

We work with a variety of insurance companies; preferred, non-standard, A-rated, which gives us the opportunity to select the optimal solution for each client.

We, at Selection Insurance Agency, are not looking at our clients as a “Policy Number.”

Our clients are individuals with specific needs, preferences, and financial capability.

We strive to establish a long-lasting relationship built on integrity and prudence.

Our philosophy is very simple: clients are valuable and deserve our undivided attention and professional expertise in the process of selecting the best insurance product.

We work hard to select a plan that matches each client's needs and preferences.

Client-agent confidentiality is a very important component in our standard practice.

Our client's privacy is protected by numerous implemented security measures including but not limited to administrative, physical, and technical safeguards.

We take pride in servicing our clients and building a relationship with the local community.

Meet the Selection Insurance Founder and Manager



Founder & Manager

Elena has started Selection Insurance as an independent agency and a family business.

We, at Selection Insurance Agency, are enthusiastic professionals working as a team to provide the best possible insurance selection, discount rates, and customer service to our clients.

The members of our Selection Insurance Team are experienced in every aspect of varies insurance offerings, available discount rates, and coverage.

We have developed a solid expertise in comparison shopping, custom-tailored offerings, and selections of auto insurance, home insurance, life insurance, health insurance, and business insurance.

Dedicated to Excellent Customer Service

Our Selection Insurance Agency Team is very enthusiastic about the growing client base and everyday strives to deliver the best possible customer service and satisfy the needs and wants of our clients.

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